In France, when a company gets into economic difficulties, the courts are almost always involved at some point. A perfect understanding of the court system is therefore essential.

Our litigation expertise is able to meet the consistent challenges faced by companies and their executives and shareholders and is an essential strategic part for the corporate restructuring activities.

We regularly handle the management of the judicial aspects of restructuring (litigation on the challenge of liabilities of the company in difficulty, liability suits against the executives or shareholders, liability claims filed by credit institutions, etc.).

In addition to litigations arising in connection with corporate restructuring, Poulain Law Office also assists its clients in the various commercial disputes they may encounter during their activities.


  • Litigation in insolvency proceedings (challenge of liabilities, liability for lack of assets, extension of procedure, unreasonable financial support, tort action, etc.)
  • General litigation of business law before the French or foreign courts (in cooperation with corresponding law offices).
  • Commercial litigation (sudden termination of established commercial relations, unfair competition, direct actions, debt recovery, etc.)
  • Litigation arising from mergers or acquisitions of companies (joint venture, asset and liability guarantees, sale or takeover protocols, etc.)